Video Marketing

We Provide Quality Video Creation and Marketing For Businesses of All Sizes

Ignore video at your own peril!

Did you know that video is nearly 90% of all internet traffic?  YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google.  Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has said that they are now a video platform.  Short form video on TikTok, Reels and YouTube Shorts are dominating the internet.  Live video on Facebook and YouTube get priority placement over other forms of content.

In other words, video should be a major part of your marketing.  We can help you create a variety of video content to keep you connecting with your potential customers


Video For All Businesses!

The great thing about video is that it does not have to be a Hollywood-budget blockbuster to be effective.  People want to hear from you, and learn more about what you do.  This is why we offer a variety of videos.


These are a series of short videos that answer the most common questions your customers are asking.  These videos are then used on YouTube, Facebook and your website.


We use your current 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp, and turn them into marketing videos that we distribute on social media.


We interview you about your business. This video is used on our social media pages and groups, YouTube channel and local TV network. We also send you a copy to use as you pease.


And let’s not forget video and tv ads

Video is great for content, but it’s also great for advertising.  We can help you get your videos onto TV, using networks like Disney/Hulu, as well as traditional TV and cable.  We also run campaigns on sites like YouTube.

We not only manage ad campaigns, but we can produce your videos for you, and we can even create specialized video services such as animated logos, jingles, green screen videos and much more.

Just Some Samples of Our Awesome Videos

Creating engaging videos for TV commericals, YouTube campaigns, and social media can be confusing and time consuming.  We make it quick and simple.

YouTube Advertising
TikTok Marketing

And we do animated logos and graphics

Whether you need an animated explainer video, or a Hollywood-style animated logo, we have you covered.  Take a look at some examples.

YouTube Advertising
TikTok Marketing


Month-to-month. No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.  Call us about our custom video marketing or advertising packages

Reputation Videos



Creation of videos from your reviews
One Video Per Month
High Quality Video With Spokesperson
Phone Support
Month to Month Payment
No Contract

FAQ Video Pack



20 Short FAQ Videos
Animated Logo 
Full Editing with Graphics & Music
Video Distribution to YouTube
Video SEO to Improve Search
Phone Support
Strategy Coaching Session

TV Commercial



30 Second Commercial for Ad Platforms
1 Half Day of Shooting
Animated Logo
Full Editing with Music & Graphics
Optional Jingle
Strategy Coaching Session


Posting is important for EVERY BUSINESS! Letting your customers know that you ARE in fact open for business by doing daily posting and updates is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Accountants and CPAs

Auto Insurance

Auto Repair

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bars & Pubs

Bathroom Remodeling

Cannibus Industry / CBD

Car Dealers

Carpet Cleaning

Chiropractic Quotes

Child Care



Cleaning Companies

Coffee Shops


Dog Grooming

Dog Quotes

Car Dealers


Family Law

Funeral Services

Gyms and Fitness

Hair Salon


Heating & Cooling HVAC

Home Security

Dog Grooming

Kitchen Remodeling


Lawn Care

Life Insurance

Massage Therapists

Mexican Restaurant Coming

Moving Companies

Nail Salon




Personal Injury Attorneys

Pest Control

Pet grooming


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